Doing Events Differently


COVID-19 has changed everything — what we can do, where we can do it, and how it gets done. Nothing can replace Face-to-Face meetings and events, but work goes on. Even before COVID-19, Greg was producing Live Streams and Virtual Meetings, from a single location being broadcast live to many participants, or originating from numerous locations around the world and then broadcast to a global audience. It was a need we were already filling for our clients.

Now, with the move from “Live" to “Virtual" programming, content has changed, and brands have evolved. Interactive platforms are crucial to maintaining both content connection, and the viability of communicating the message to your audience. Engagement has become more vital than ever before. And when “Pre" and "Post" meet socializing, virtual breakout sessions and real-time Q&A's are a must have, you have options - and we can provide them for you.

While every event is unique, know that there are incredibly cool, easily doable options available for your next event.

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COVID-19 Adaptations

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