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What Is Virtual

A Virtual Experience is NOT a live stream. It is not a webcast. It is so much more…


A live stream or webcast is a one-way video/audio stream of an event or meeting that may

have a live chat component. This is good. A Virtual Experience is much, much better.


A Virtual Meeting [VM] is a more immersive experience. It is the live stream of your content - and - the live stream of dozens, hundreds or thousands of participants. There can be a Host  leading/coaching/teaching/directing/emceeing. The audience can see the Host, Presenters, Key Note Speakers, all of their content, videos, anything that you would normally see at a live event. Now the cool part - your Host, Presenters, and Speakers can see and dialogue with their audience! There is a much more complete connection for everyone involved.


VMs can include content from digital presentations like PowerPoint, KeyNote, Prezy, Visme, Haiku as well as playback videos and include as many "live cameras" as you like.


VMs can have real time Q&A sessions.


VMs can have real time polling with instant results.


VMs can have virtual Breakout Rooms and Social Rooms.


VMs can “Home Base” their event with key Hosts and Presenters at one location - practicing social distancing.




VMs can have their Hosts and Presenters each in  their individual, remote location - The production team can send the necessary equipment needed to “broadcast” from all of these remote locals.


VMs can be a hybrid of the two above PLUS a live audience.


VMs do not require “special” internet connections to produce the event beyond what is available at business locations and most homes. 


VMs share many of the same production requirements of a traditional F2F/Live event.


VMs are different in their advance logistics - Will your Hosts and Presenters be together at a home base or will each be in individual, remote location? Will there be time alignment challenges for Presenters? [Multiple time zones]. Will there be time challenges for attendees with an international audience viewing from many different time zones?


Zoom is currently the preferred VM platform for Live Show Producers and our clients.

Zoom is a robust virtual meeting platform as it stands, but also has many plug-ins to support additional functionality like polls and gamification.


With a platform like Zoom, the individual Presenters can see their audience and even dialogue with them in real time depending upon the level of technology employed. The Host and Presenters have a much better sense of connection with the virtual audience by the simple and powerful fact that they can see them.


The cost differential between live and virtual can be substantial. For VMs, there will be additional cost for pre-production logistics. The cost of actual production can be very close for either platform. However, with VMs there are greatly reduced or no costs for air fare, hotels, ground transportation, receptions, meals, off sites, golf, print media, credentials, photographers, videographers, security, SWAG, etc...

Want to know how your next meeting or event can go virtual? Click here to schedule a call to answer all of your questions about doing your thing virtually!

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